Vandon Gibbs
Vandon Gibbs



  • Script Pipeline – Finalist (“The Billings LP”)
  • PAGE Awards – Quarterfinalist (“In Blood”)
  • One-Reeler Short Film Competition – Award of Merit (“The Hunt”)
  • BlueCat Screenplay Competition – Quarterfinalist (“One Nighter”)
  • Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition – Quarterfinalist (“One Nighter”)
  • Emerging Screenwriters Shoot Your Sizzle Top 100 (“The Billings LP”)


  • Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition – Quarterfinalist (“In Blood”)
  • Final Draft’s Big Break Contest – Semifinalist (“In Blood”)
  • Shore Scripts Competition – Quarterfinalist (“One Nighter”)


  • Academy Nicholl Fellowship – Quarterfinalist (“In Blood”)
  • PAGE Awards – Quarterfinalist (“In Blood”)
  • Final Draft’s Big Break Screenwriting Contest – Quarterfinalist (“In Blood”)
  • Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Contest – Second Round (“In Blood”)
  • ScreenCraft Horror – Quarterfinalist (“In Blood”)
  • Extreme Screenplay Contest – Semifinalist (“In Blood”)


  • StoryPros Screenwriting Contest – 2nd Place/Action (“The Pick-Up Guy”)
  • Creative World Awards – Finalist (“The Pick-Up Guy)
  • Table Read My Screenplay -Semifinalist (“The Pick-Up Guy)
  • PAGE Awards – Quarterfinalist (“The Pick-Up Guy)
  • Cinequest Screenwriting Competition – Top 100 (“The Pick-Up Guy”)
  • Emerging Screenwriters – Top 100 (“The Pick-Up Guy”)
  • Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition – Quarterfinalist (“The Pick-Up Guy”)
  • ScreenCraft Action/Thriller Contest – Quarterfinalist (“The Pick-Up Guy”)
  • Creative World Awards – Finalist (“The Stereogram Gallery”)
  • Cinequest Screenwriting Competition – Top 100 (“The Stereogram Gallery”)


  • Cinequest Film Festival – Winner/Best Feature Drama (“Solace”)
  • Atlanta Film Festival – Official Selection (“Solace”)
  • New Orleans Film Festival – Official Selection (“Solace”)
  • Black Harvest Film Festival – Official Selection (“Solace”)
  • Bronze Lens Film Festival – Official Selection (“Solace”)


  • Creative World Awards – Semifinalist (“Return of the Yellow Dragon”)


  • BlueCat Competition – Quarterfinalist (“The Stereogram Gallery”)
  • BlueCat Competition – Quarterfinalist (“Three of a Kind”)
  • Creative World Awards – Top 50 Drama Quarterfinalist (“Three of a Kind”)
  • Austin Film Festival – Top 10% (“The Stereogram Gallery”)
  • Script Shark – Top 100 (“The Stereogram Gallery”)
  • Atlanta Film Festival – Top 24/Honorable Mention (“Three of a Kind”)


  • Sundance Writers Lab – Second Round (“Three of a Kind”)
  • American Black Film Festival – Official Selection (“Complexion”)
  • American Diaspora Film Festival – Official Selection (“Complexion”)
  • Black Harvest Film Festival – Official Selection (“Complexion”)

Vandon Gibbs is an award-winning writer and director whose films and screenplays have garnered critical acclaim. His first feature, Complexion (2008), premiered in Los Angeles as an Official Selection of the American Black Film Festival. After directing the shorts Pario (2010) and Three of a Kind (2010), he helmed Solace (2013). The taut thriller premiered to rave reviews at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, CA and won the Jury Award for Best Dramatic Feature. In addition, his screenplays have placed well in prestigious contests such as the Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting. He holds a B.A. in Television Producing (Magna Cum Laude) from the Savannah College of Art and Design. In addition to being an avid film lover, Vandon is also a lifelong, accomplished artist. He resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife, Tisha, and sons, Vandon Jr. and Justin Tyler. To contact, email

The Hunt

Lost and alone in the woods, a woman finds herself being tracked by a relentless hunter.


The marriage of socialite Kathryn (Rhoda Griffis, The Blind Side) and her politician husband (Ric Reitz, Safe Haven) is falling apart. They each struggle to keep their secret second lives concealed, while trying to restore their once love-filled relationship. A lawyer (Robert Pralgo, The Vampire Diaries) battles wits with a streetwise hustler (Dupree Lewis Jr.), risking everything to save his credibility. Construction worker Ridley (Russell Comegys, The Lucky One and The Punisher) pushes Sofia (Dixie Light) to her physical and mental limits. Fate brought them together; a secret will tear them apart.


Two strangers discuss love, life and relationships after having a one night stand.


Dr. Faircloth and his assistant Eve reach the critical stage of their project only to discover it hasn’t gone as predicted. With the fate of humanity hanging in the balance, Eve chooses to challenge her superior and embrace her destiny in order to save the project and the future of humanity.

Three of a Kind

Three people. Two plans. One problem.


Derek meets the intriguing Tracee, and the two immediately form a special bond. All seems perfect in their relationship except the one thing that’s keeping Derek from truly falling in love with Tracee – her skin complexion. Even though they’re both black, his preference is to be with women of a lighter skin complexion.