Welcome to GRAPHITEPICTURES.COM. Here you’ll find information about our company, projects and team members. Created in 2005 by Vandon Gibbs, our company consists of hard-working skilled professionals with a desire to create compelling content that entertains and captivates audiences. Graphite Pictures is passionate about making a difference through the art of film and telling stories. With a catalogue of screenplays, music videos, commercials, shorts and feature length films, Graphite Pictures is a new generation of talent and creativity that continues to exceed expectations in visual media.


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Honest storytelling with an edge. Graphite Pictures pushes creative boundaries to bring its distinct vision to both the big and small screen.
Experience "Solace"
Rent or own the award-winning film SOLACE. Six people from different walks of life search for redemption in three seemingly unrelated stories that push towards a startling climax.
"In Blood"
Coming Soon. Click here for more details.
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