10 Relapse Prevention Group Activities For Individuals In Recovery
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10 Relapse Prevention Group Activities For Individuals In Recovery

There are several mindful balloon activities, but one of the easiest is the ‘balloon hacky sack.’ To play, you only have to sit in a circle and keep the balloon from touching the ground. This game has no winners or losers, and you may play with more than one balloon at a time. As your group focuses on the balloons and keeping them aloft, your mind will calm down, and all those problems will fade into the background. Guide the group to take a few deep, slow, grounding breaths before beginning this exercise.

Two Dreams prefers to hold process groups in order to enhance the holistic treatment experience and to help clients equip themselves with the tools needed for their own recovery. Other goals of group therapy include gaining inspiration through the recovery of others, self-identifying as a recovering addicting, and examining core values. Participants support and nurture each other like a family by reinforcing good behaviors and helping each other cope during difficult tasks.

Practice Gratitude

Our treatment approach includes skill-building resources as well as wellness activities. These groups are designed to build a better understanding of the topic and for individuals to learn how to apply learned knowledge to their overall wellness and recovery efforts. This type of group activity allows individuals to try out responses and actions they will take during substance abuse group activities a specific situation and practice out loud. The first time attending any group therapy session can be intimidating. We find that many of our clients are unsure of what to expect, and need time to feel out the group dynamic before speaking up. This complex, intense interpersonal experience can be filled with powerful interaction and meaningful activities.

Group mindfulness practices and relaxation techniques, such as yoga or tai chi, significantly benefit people in all stages of recovery, offering a form of self-care. When a drug misuse problem takes hold of a person, he or she may begin ignoring his or her health. What an individual does not eat properly, they will suffer from low levels of energy, which can lead to depression. Journaling is an excellent way to open up without fear of judgment or criticism. Putting words to paper allows a person to document emotions, fears, thoughts, and setbacks. In other words, a person can look back at good times and bad times so that he or she can move on from negative situations.

Developing Coping Skills for Substance Abuse Recovery

Group members can later challenge their anxious thoughts by living in the moment, remembering to pay attention to the present, and learning how to stay present. The program here at Two Dreams focuses on the improvement of one’s life through the achievement of mental peace, physical well-being, and personal productivity. We particularly emphasize mindfulness, the concept of intentionally paying attention, and being present in the moment with compassion, with acceptance, and without judgment. Every two weeks our clients engage in “group phase therapy” in which each individual reports on which phase they think they’re currently working on in their personal recovery journey. The rest of the group comments on the accuracy of their assessment and gives advice. Group therapy can be a fun way to improve aspects of mental and emotional wellbeing.

Group therapy is used to guide clients through the process of gaining insight about themselves, others, and the world around them. If you’re looking for more science-based ways to help others enhance their wellbeing, check out this signature collection of 17 validated positive psychology tools for practitioners. A variety of group activities can be incorporated in the termination phase https://ecosoberhouse.com/ to assist in this process and help group members transition out of group therapy. These might include inspiring quotes, small objects that symbolize strengths or accomplishments, or letters from loved ones. Members will share the jar with the group and explain the significance of the items. Each member will take one of the above and be guided through a mindful eating session.

Find Proven Support with Treatment at Catalina!

Many of these group therapy activities are highlighted in this article. Group therapy has a nearly 100-year-old history and has branched into many aspects of the contemporary world. As social creatures, we learn from and depend on groups to survive, thrive, and grow as individuals.

coping skills group activities for substance abuse

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